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Thailand SNP Database

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ThaiSNP Database

ThaiSNP Database
Search by free form
Enter the word or number to query such as 6522, ApoA1, Alzheimer and press Search
Search SNP by Gene (Gene ID, symbol or alias)
Enter the genBank gene symbol, e.g., ATM, and press Search.
For select gene that have SNPs in Thai population click here or download genes list
Search Genes by Disease
Enter the disease, e.g., Alzheimer, Parkinson, and press Search (From disease genes in GeneCards database)
Search SNP information by SNP id
Enter the SNP identifier such as rs3815801, th1605 (only enter the number and leave rs or th out)
or IMS-JST176184 and press Search
Search SNP/Mutation by flanking sequence
To search SNP/Mutation on dbSNP/ThaiSNP by input flanking sequences. 
Search SNPs by Position
To search SNPs by position such as on cytogenetic band, contig and position range please select chromosome that SNP locate.  
View ThaiSNP Database Summary
To view ThaiSNP database summary compared with dbSNP database, select dbSNP "build" version and press Search
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