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With the completion of the human genome project, novel sequencing and genotyping technologies had been utilized to detect mutations. Such mutations have continually been produced at exponential rate by researchers in various communities. Based on population's mutation spectrums, occurrences of Mendelian diseases are different across ethnic groups. A proportion of Mendelian diseases can be observed in some countries at higher rates than others. Recognizing importance of mutation effects in Thailand, we established a National and Ethnic Mutation Database (NEMDB) for Thai people. This database, named Thailand Mutation and Variation database (ThaiMUT) offers a web-based access to genetic mutation and variation information in Thai population. This NEMDB initiative is an important informatics tool for both research and clinical purposes to retrieve and deposit human variation data. The mutation data cataloged in ThaiMUT database were derived from journal articles available in PubMed and local publications. In addition to collected mutation data, ThaiMUT also records genetic polymorphisms located in drug related genes. ThaiMUT could then provide useful information for clinical mutation screening services for Mendelian diseases and pharmacogenomic researches.

Database Summary

Thailand Human Mutation Database Information

all mutations : 589
mutated genes : 119
phenotypes(diseases) : 119
publications : 219

mutations grouped by type :
substitution : 507
deletion : 59
insertion : 20
indels : 3

Thailand Human Variation Database Information

all SNPs : 1536
number of genes containing SNPs : 228

SNPs grouped by function :
locus-region : 133
coding-synon : 54
coding-nonsynon : 39
mrna-utr : 203
intron : 1135
near-gene : 45
(Sum of these SNPs > all SNPs due to multiple gene isoforms.)


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