The Consolidation of BIOTEC Genome Databases

About us

The National Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (BIOTEC) has sponsored several genome-scale database of different organisms since 2000. The databases include the rice genome database at Kasetsart Kampangsan campus (riceDB), the Thailand SNP database at BIOTEC (thaisnpDB), the black tiger shrimp EST database at Chulalongkorn University (shrimpDB), the cassava EST database at BIOTEC (cassavaDB), and the latest spirulina genome database at King Mongkut University of Technology (spirulinaDB). Although, sponsored by BIOTEC, these databases are not stored locally and the principle investigators of these projects usually hire their computer staff to maintain the databases’ services. Users rely heavily on the availability of database websites and are required to learn how to use the databases separately. This project was conceived in order to address the aforementioned shortcomings.

What we do?

The following are offered

  • Consolidating different databases by means of remote GFF and displaying the result on BIOTEC Genome Portal (BGP).
  • Unified graphical database access via GBrowse.
  • Offering database conversion (convert to standard form) and construction (creating new database) guideline to incorporate to BGP.
  • Mirroring these databases via Peer-to-Peer bittorent framework. Users can access BIOTEC Genome Portal by following the link in which they can visualize content of each genome project via GBrowse graphical interface. Tools and guideline for database conversion and construction can also be downloaded from the website.

Our resources

At BIOTEC, we provide a heterogeneous system of clustered computer. Give users familiar to user's experience in more higher performance. User can connect to our server using traditional command line or using advanced GUI tools like X-windows or Remote Desktop. We ensure that our server will running with more than 99% uptime to support continually running of research software.

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