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Since 5 April 2007

Pan-Asian SNP Consortium

Asia, as the largest and most populous continent, harbors significant cultural and linguistic diversity, but the geographic structure of genetic variation across the continent remains enigmatic. Here, we report a large-scale survey of autosomal variation from a broad geographic sample of Asian populations: more than fifty thousand single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) typed in 1,808 DNA samples representing 73 Asian populations.

Our results show considerable relatedness and prevalent gene flow amongst the populations studied, and may indicate a predominantly south-to-north migration of East Asian populations. Although alternative models cannot be completely rejected with available data, our analyses suggest a common origin for all East and Southeast Asian populations studied, implying that the majority of the gene pool in Asia was derived from a single initial entry of modern humans into the continent.

Pan-Asian SNP data
Pan-Asian SNP database collects data from public databases compose NCBI dbSNP, JSNP, HapMap and Database of Genomic Variants (DGV) to compare with SNPs and CNV information from 73 Asian populations. Click here to view detail informations.

Pan-Asian SNP participants
All participants were involved in the primary study design and data-analysis. (Participants are listed by country, and then alphabetically within institutions, except for Principal Investigators and Project Leaders, as indicated.)More...

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