web application of the cassava EST database for studying cassava transcription profiles
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Project Description

Cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz) is the third most important crop in Thailand which gives the highest yield of food energy and traded internationally in several different forms ? most notably is starch. Increased demand for cassava starch has spurred interest in the development of new cassava cultivars with greater yields and higher starch contents. Despite several decades of intensive research on the biosynthesis of storage starch, the process is still incompletely understood.

To gain and insight understanding of the starch biosynthesis, recently, a project on cassava large-scale EST sequencing has generated an enormous data set of over 100,000 sequences from 14 different cDNA libraries (starch biosynthesis lab, BIOTEC). EST sequences will fulfill information on general cassava biology including its development and starch metabolism. Due to the vast size of this information, it is important to develop a database system to systematically store and efficiently manage the cassava expressed sequence tag (EST) data. Moreover, approaches to extract and obtain useful information from the cassava EST data are essential. So, we select gene ontology and comparative genomics to annotate gene and find cassava-specific genes that concern with the starch biosynthesis.

The system provides a useful genetic resource as user-friendly for researchers to assemble, align sequences, annotate genes and provide other bioinformatics? tools in platform of web-based applications. This work can be contributed to the study of cassava transcription profiles under different environmental and developmental conditions and also genetic control network of the biosynthesis of starch in cassava.